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Dive into the very foundation of the Christian Doctrine. You may discover that you don't know what you believe in.

About the Series

POTD Series
Volume 1: The God of Israel

The God of the Bible is infinitely superior to all other so-called gods.

In Volume 1, we'll explore exactly how and why that is true. It will help you identify the essential characteristic of God that makes Him superior to everything else that exists.


The book revisits the doctrine of the Trinity with a new set of eyes that will change how you view reality and how profound your faith in God really is!

POTD Series: Vol. 1



Join our discussion by listening to our Bible Studies and Interviews

In these Bible studies, we discuss the Truth in regard to the nature of God as depicted in the Scriptures.


Additionally, we explore the implications of this understanding to us as believers, and to the World as creation and other related subjects.

Nany E. Williams, President

The Laurus Company, Inc

“Through this book, I have been re-introduced to the Heavenly Father... I never really understood Him on this deep, personal level.”
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