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Stanley T. Albuquerque

Man of God, Husband, Author

Stan served with distinction for 22 cumulative years in the U.S. Navy. While traveling around the world, he used his time in service to evangelize and disciple the sailors under his leadership and influence. During six years of his time, he served as the Virginia Beach Life Team Leader for a large, well-known ministry. Stan is a prolific Bible teacher and a dynamic street preacher. 

During this time in Virginia, he was responsible for evangelizing the Virginia Beach area by coordinating various public outreach events, as well as training and equipping his home groups to reach the lost and set people free with the message of the Gospel.

He continues to host online Bible study groups involving families from around the country with a growing online presence. It has been said that Stan is a gifted teacher! He has a heart to bring the believer's attention back to the next text of scripture and refining their faith by shifting the focus from tradition back to Biblical Truth.

Stan is currently retired from the military and lives with his wife and their four children.

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